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* Event 2005 * Welsh Flag **"Astronaut"** First Ever Release in WALES

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PenDelfin Family Circle

 PenDelfin Studios Ltd., Cameron Mill, Howsin Street, Burnley, Lancs BB10 1PP England
Tel: 0044 1282 432301, Fax: 01282 459464
email: boswell@

BECOME a MEMBER of the  PenDelfin FAMILY CIRCLE and join a family of around 20000 members world wide. You will enhance your collection becoming part of a growing family with other collectors who wish to share their joy and experiences collecting  PenDelfin pieces and figurines. For this year's Membership fee, please contact  PenDelfin (details below) or email  boswell@ To join, please send a cheque or postal order to your country's contact stockist.

 PenDelfin Family Circle contacts worldwide

The Family Circle of  PenDelfin
230 Spring Street N.W., Suite 1238
Atlanta, Georgia 30303.
Contact: Susan Beard
freephone (US only)1-800 872 4876.
 PenDelfin Family Circle
Garden City Shopping Centre,
Western Australia 6154
Contact: Jane Weir
Tel: (08) 9364 7715
Fax:(08) 9364 2328


Mesyc- PenDelfin Family Circle
Postbus 46
2170 Antwerpen
Tel: 0496/28.38.05
 PenDelfin Family Circle
105 Townline Road
Port Perry,Ontario, L9l 1B3 Canada.
Contact:Tawni Horton
Tel:  905 655 9070
Tel: 1 800 263 4491(Toll Free within Canada)
Fax  905 655 9074
Visit us:
Mesyc- PenDelfin Family Circle
Postbus 46
2170 Antwerpen
Tel: 0496/28.38.05
Svebi AB, Box 143,
S-562 02 Taberg,
Contact:Mrs Irene Svensson
Tel: 036 656 90.

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Membership Gift
As an official MEMBER you will receive your MEMBERSHIP GIFT - a delightful character sculptured by DOREEN NOEL ROBERTS or JEAN WALMSLEY HEAP.

Official Member Certificate
You will receive your own Certificate to commemorate your being a member of  PenDelfin Family  Circle.


Club Newsletter
The  PenDelfin TIMES will be sent to you THREE times per year keeping you up-to-date with all the news about your collection and informing you about any Special Events in your particular country.

Membership Card
You will receive your Official Card and your Redemption Certificate which entitles you to purchase the Exclusive Members Only Figurine by DOREEN NOEL ROBERTS or JEAN WALMSLEY HEAP from your  PenDelfin stockist.

Membership Draw
Your name will be entered into our Year End Draw for a prize to be announced in the  PenDelfin TIMES.


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