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* Event 2005 * Welsh Flag **"Astronaut"** First Ever Release in WALES

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The  PenDelfin Collectors Handbook - A valuable Collector's reference. A comprehensive price and colour guide to all things   PenDelfin. Written by Stella Ashbrook. There are in total 3 books (updated versions to include all new pieces introduced over the years).

Collecting PenDelfin  Book - 3rd Ed

NEW Collecting PenDelfin Book - 3rd Ed, by Stella Ashbrook - Published by Francis Joseph - 2003 - 3rd Edition - Paperback. CS Ref. No. FJ-3863. Price -  16.95




Handbook at Amazon The  PenDelfin Collectors Handbook. This is the second edition of a reference on the PenDelfin rabbits, who have an established place in the world of antiques and collectables. Lavishly illustrated, the book covers the history of the pieces, their colours and identification, and also offers listings and price guides. CLICK here for an alternative supply source.


The  PenDelfin Collectors Handbook. First Edition, not available. ISBN 1-870703-83-9. (UK 16.95, US $24.95). Copyright 1999 Francis Joseph Publications. Tel: 0044 181 3189580.




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