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* Event 2005 * Welsh Flag **"Astronaut"** First Ever Release in WALES

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We have for sale a number of retired and current special  PenDelfin pieces, including SANDIE the WELSH  COLOURWAY.

All pieces are boxed and in mint condition.

See a list of available pieces here.



For further information.

We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Visit and join our new  PenDelfin Lovers Corner COMMUNITY at MSN. PenDelfinLoversCorner/PhotoAlbum

MESSAGE BOARD & CHAT ROOM also available at: PenDelfinLoversCorner/messageboard.msnw  

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Collecting  PenDelfin - Third Edition by Stella Ashbrook

A valuable source of information for all  PenDelfin Collectors.

Also note that  Stella Ashbrook has been successfully organising  PenDelfin Auctions.
Check out " PenDelfin Times" and "Collect it!" magazine for latest Collectors News and Auctions.
A Special article on  PenDelfin Collectible Bargains appears on Issue 45 (MARCH 2001) of
 PenDelfin Family Circle

The Official  PenDelfin Collector's Club. Information and Membership details.

 PenDelfin Recommended Retail Price List


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