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* Event 2005 * Welsh Flag **"Astronaut"** First Ever Release in WALES

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We have for sale a number of retired and current special  PenDelfin pieces, including SANDIE the WELSH  COLOURWAY.

All pieces are boxed and in mint condition.

See a list of available pieces here.



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We'll get back to you as soon as possible.


SANDIE THE WELSH COLOURWAY. Check our price list of special and retired   PenDelfin pieces.


bullet The Welsh  Sandie as it was advertised for sale for $500.00! on with the proof of postage from Porthcawl, Wales.
bullet "Collect it!" magazine. ANTIQUES OF TOMORROW AND BARGAINS OF TODAY.
bullet home The leading UK gateway to information for everyone with an interest, private or professional, in antiques and collectables.
bulletAntiques and Collectables  PenDelfin - Antiques and Collectables : A Glance: The  PenDelfin Collectors Handbook - The  PenDelfin Collectors Handbook by Stella M. Ashbrook.
bulletWorld-Collectors-Net  PenDelfin Club Pieces
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