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We have for sale a number of retired and current special  PenDelfin pieces, including SANDIE the WELSH  COLOURWAY.


All pieces are boxed and in mint condition.

See a list of available pieces here.



For more information.

We'll get back to you as soon as possible.


SANDIE THE WELSH COLOURWAY. Check our price list of special and retired   PenDelfin pieces.


Here are some Collectors' emails we received in 1999-2000.

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From: Autumnimp@aol.com, , Subject: Must Sell My Beautiful Collection. I have 76   PenDelfin Pieces collected from 1969 - 1992. My Collection consists of: The Caravan, The Curiosity Shop, Large House, Fruit Shop, Castle Tavern, Cobble Cottage, Balcony Scene,  Shrimp Stand, The Jetty, Old School House, The Raft, Picnic Island, Original Bandstand, New Bandstand, Picnic Stand, Timber Stand, Original Mother, Uncle Soames, Piano & Flower Pot, The Bathtub, Phumf, Bongo, Maud, Totty, Muncher, Lucy Pocket, Tammy, Pooch, Robert, Jingle, Jim Lad, Chirpy, Crocker, Blossom, Apple Barrel, Solo, Rosa, Clanger, Casanova, Thumper, Rolly, Rocky, Whopper, Little Mo, Barney, Father, Mother with Baby, Honey, Dandy, Boswell, Euclid, Digit, Duffy, Angelo, New Boy, Birdie, Tennyson, Rambler, Scout, Humphrey Go-Kart, Jacky, Picnic Midge, Barrow Boy, Oliver, Scrumpy, Dodger, Peeps, Poppet, Snuggles, Twins, Wakey, Victoria, Parsley, Snuggles Awake.

I need  to sell all the collection much to my dismay, I must move to smaller quarters. Any Information would be very helpful.

Thank You, Patricia Tabor Atumnimp@aol.com., USA

Sandra Chamberlain in Australia (Sandra_Chamberlain@ama.com.au) emailed us in October 1999, requesting information on a   PenDelfin Bible. We suggested to check out the  PenDelfin Collectors Handbook publication.
Jeanette Greet in the UK, (jeanette@greetp.fsnet.co.uk)

Emailed us in March 2000 requesting our prices on  PenDelfin pieces. See the  PenDelfin Recommended Retail Price list.

M Durigan (mdurigan@ealaw.com) emailed us in January 2000. She writes...

Hello, just wondering if you carry these  PenDelfin figures and what the prices are.  Also, what is the approximate shipping cost to the US for  5 or 6 rabbits?  Do you know how much “Gran” will be selling for?  Thank you for your help.

Pipkin, Tippit, Bunch


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