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Click on this link for the February 2002 PenDelfin Recommended Retail Price List.

Available in February 2001


The start of year 2001 has seen three wonderful new additions to the family, all designed by Tony Green. There is MORRIS, a cute little Morris Dancer retailing at 29.95. POSTIE, also retailing at 29.95, is the long awaited Village Postman, seen here as photographed at the NEC Birmingham  PenDelfin stand in February 2001, along proud and keen young collector Alice. To  further enhance your Pirates collection, last but not least, comes BLUNDER, an aggressive little pirate with his blunderbuss at the ready, at a cost of 24.00. The 2001 Model of the Year is Sudsy and the Membership Gift for 2001 is Peggy.

Postie The Village Postman

Sudsy  The 2001 Model of the Year

Peggy    The 2001 Membership Gift


Models introduced in 2000 and designed by Tony Green

THE DEPUTY is designed to accompany the Sheriff. Another one of Tony Green's creations.


Captain Musket (1999)  Pirate Patch (1999)








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