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We visited the Birmingham NEC Trade Show this February and had a sneaky preview of all the new and wonderful models added to the so much beloved  PenDelfin Rabbits Family.

THE GAFFER is the Model Of The Year, for 2002. It is designed by Jean Walmsley Heap and priced at 49.95.

 PenDelfin GAFFER poster as exhibited at the   PenDelfin Stand (Birmingham NEC). Alice, the keenest young Collector of them all, is holding for the first time HARLEY 'N' DAVEY with pride.

Another picture of Alice at the   PenDelfin Stand (Birmingham NEC).

This time next to THE VILLAGE POND, a recently introduced Village Scene, designed by Jean Walmsley Heap and retailing at 99.95. It is proudly displayed amongst other members of the HAPPY   PenDelfin FAMILY... 

New for February 2002


Click on this link for the February 2002 PenDelfin Recommended Retail Price List.

We love  Tony Green's "HARLEY 'N' DAVEY".  This piece will not only appeal to  PenDelfin Collectors, but to anyone interested in biking.  Full speed ahead boys... Go with the wind... It is a piece with careful detail in the design as well as colours. Well worth the 92.50 retail price. Let us hope the noise from their bike does not disturb the tranquility of the village...

Tony Green has also designed BRONCO. He usually "hangs around" with the Sheriff and Deputy. His retail price is 26.50.


For all you bikers out there, click on the HARLEY-DAVIDSON emblem to visit their site. And don' t forget to come back... OK?

Such a cute little face, with nightcap and lace...

DAWN is Noel Robert's new bed model introduction, complete with her pretty lace cap. Will retail at 19.95.


It was about time ROBIN got out of his Cave (and straight into his comfy bed!!!). He will be made in blue and pink and cost 17.95.


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