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Please read this first and then visit our Event 2001 E-NVITATION page.

Here follows an extract from the Spring 2001 issue of ‘ PenDelfin Times’:  

"When it comes to special models, we do appreciate the different views of our members.

There are those of you who really enjoy the idea and those who feel concerned over the difficulty in making sure you get one without having to pay inflated prices.  

It goes without saying that specials do make collecting far more exciting and makes your collection far more rewarding in the future.

We did commit ourselves to being as fair as possible and promised to cover the country as well as we could. With that in mind, over the last two years, we have covered Scotland, the North of England, the Midlands and the South of England and in each case, just 500 pieces were made. This year we have to honour our final commitment to Wales and again 500 special pieces will be made. On this occasion, the event will take place on the 9th June at G. Anthony of Porthcawl. Full details appear in Dates for Your Diary on page 7.

We know you will understand that having exported to our friends in Canada and USA since 1964, it was only right that we should produce specials for them also.

However, knowing the concern voiced by our UK members, these two models will be available for a much longer period and will be available to UK members who wish to import them from North America."

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